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Beer used to be considered an unsophisticated drink until a few years ago. The boom in popularity of craft breweries around the country has allowed beer to get the respect and credit it always deserved. The beer tasting experience is now becoming just as big as wine tastings. Since trying new beers has become a favorite activity of so many people, there are several mobile apps available to make things easier. These are the four apps that avid beer drinkers must use.


Uptappd is virtually the only social media platform exclusively dedicated to beer drinking. The app allows you to check-in to thousands of breweries around the world. Users are then able to review the beers they tasted. This is a great way to share your beer-drinking experiences with your friends while also finding the best craft beers the world has to offer.


There is nothing more frustrating than craving a cold beer and having no way to get one. This is where the Drizly app comes in handy. The app partners with local liquor stores to deliver beer directly to your door. All deliveries are made in less than 60 minutes after an order is entered. The service is rapidly expanding, but it will not be available in most remote areas.


If you love trying new craft beers but have a hard time traveling to different breweries, then Tavour is the app for you. Tavour subscribers will have new beers delivered to their home every month. Since every beer style has its own unique flavor, you will get to pick what beers are delivered every month. Tavour is widely considered to be the best app of its kind because they work diligently only to offer rare beers that are extremely tough to find.


There is nothing worse than going to a bar with friends and being forced to drink a flavorless beer. You can easily avoid bars with horrible beer selections by using BeerMenus. The app features full beer menus for thousands of restaurants and bars throughout the United States. You can also search for a specific beer to see if any bars or liquor stores in your area have it in stock.